About us – Best Food Delivery IN UAE @ Flavorzy

Food Delivery @ Flavorzy
Our Mission

Providing a wide range of flavors to choose from multiple cuisines and palates, not just to satisfy your taste buds, but for a better eating experience.

Our Company

Based in the UAE currently, we are a marketplace helping to bring restaurants, food joints & café, with multiple flavors together on board, to provide our customers a wider range of menus to choose from, with focused services for that extra satisfaction.

Ours is a step closer to making the world a global village, our aim is to ensure our customers feel at home with an assorted selection of flavors at your fingertips.

We DON’T OWN ANY PRODUCTS SOLD, we offer a trading platform that allows different accredited vendors to sell products of TOP quality, in a secured payment gateway, giving an option to track order any time, with, our best customer experience.

Our Services

Working with a diversity of flavors from all over the world, delivered at affordable prices and meeting our customer’s expectations and keeping them happy.