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About us – Best Food Delivery IN UAE @ Flavorzy – Flavorzy

About us – Best Food Delivery IN UAE @ Flavorzy

Our Mission

Providing a wide range of flavors to choose from multiple cuisines and palates, not just to satisfy your taste buds, but for a better eating experience.

Our Company

Based in the UAE currently, we are a marketplace helping to bring restaurants, food joints & café, with multiple flavors together on board, to provide our customers a wider range of menus to choose from, with focused services for that extra satisfaction.

Ours is a step closer to making the world a global village, our aim is to ensure our customers feel at home with an assorted selection of flavors at their fingertips.

We DON’T OWN ANY PRODUCTS SOLD, we offer a trading platform that allows different accredited vendors to sell products of TOP quality, in a secured payment gateway, giving an option to track orders any time, with, our best customer experience.

Our Services

Working with a diversity of flavors from all over the world, delivered at affordable prices and meeting our customer’s expectations, and keeping them happy. 

And because we value our customers so much, we have even gone a step further in helping you to save your precious time. We now offer a variety of options to choose from, whether it’s the tailor-made Monthly Meal Plans for our time-pressed customers, Catering Plans for our dynamic hosts, or Tourist Meal Combos for our free-spirited backpackers, everything is just a click away!!

The idea is to save your ‘prized time’ killed in doing unnecessary meal preps, and rather nurture that time to yourself, to relax and rewind, while we do all the hard work for you. Trust us…this just might help!

On a side note, thanks to everyone for the generous feedback over time. Every single one reassures us that what we are doing is worth it!